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Image of 18 x 24 Real Watercolor Paper - 50 Sheets

18 x 24 Real Watercolor Paper - 50 Sheets

You won't find a better deal on 192 g/m2 watercolor paper anywhere! Specially designed to absorb and distribute watercolors. 18" x 24" paper. Value pack of 50 sheets.

Why is Real Watercolor Paper an essential component for your Arts & Crafts curriculum?
*Targets NAEYC Curriculum Content Area for Cognitive Development for Creative Expression and Appreciation for the Arts
*Provides children with varied open-ended opportunities and materials to express themselves creatively through two- and three-dimensional art
*Gives children an opportunity to develop and widen their repertoire of skills that support artistic expression
*Promotes development of fine motor skills
*Targets color recognition skills and perfect for teaching about secondary and tertiary colors
*Encourages self-expression and gives young artists the confidence to expand their creativity
*Extends learning in the classroom-an art-enriched curriculum will help kids develop critical thinking skills, as well as give them the tools necessary to promote self-expression and problem-solving skills


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