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Image of Excellerations Magnetic Discovery Board

Excellerations Magnetic Discovery Board

Guess which objects are magnetic? That's the fun (and the learning!) behind our Magnetic Discovery Board.

PreK-K Core Standards
  • K-2-ETS1-3. Analyze data from tests of two objects designed to solve the same problem to compare the strengths and weaknesses of how each performs.
  • K-PS2-1. Plan and conduct an investigation to compare the effects of different strengths or different directions of pushes and pulls on the motion of an object.

K-3 Core Standards
  • 2-PS1-3. Make observations to construct an evidence-based account of how an object made of a small set of pieces can be disassembled and made into a new object.
  • 3-PS2-4. Define a simple design problem that can be solved by applying scientific ideas about magnets.
  • 3-PS2-3. Ask questions to determine cause and effect relationships of electric or magnetic interactions between two objects not in contact with each other.


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